Saturday, June 20, 2020

State of Vietnam Semi-Postal Stamps 1952: Vietnamese Red Cross, Empress Nam Phuong surcharged B-1

This stamp was surcharged for the semi postal
 Red Cross issued on November 10th, 1952

B-1 The Vietnamese Red Cross.
Type: Empress Nam Phuong 1952
The Red Cross symbol were printed on right sideDenomination 1 dong 50 + $0.50 surtax
$1.50 for postage fee and $0.50 for The VN Red Cross Association.
Photo: Empress Nam Phuong in Vietnamese Costume
Photogravued Printing, Perforated 12 1/2, Unwatermarked Paper, Size 25 x 29 mmColor dark purple, yellow and brown
Date of isuued November 10th, 1952.
date of withdrawn December 20th, 1955
Printer Helio-Vaugirad, Paris, France

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